Our Bees Wax is clarified using a water process to remove impurities. Processing in stainless steel ensures no heavy metal contaminants leach into the wax.  The colour of the wax is dependent on the floral sources the bees have been working. Whilst the color may change, the properties remain the same. We offer a range of shapes and sizes of wax to suit customers needs. Our signature is our floating rustic star candle - 3hrs burn time. 

Bees wax currently available to SA customers only. 

For all Australian consumers purchasing wax from an interstate or international source please ensure you discuss quarantine regulations with your supplier.

As the purchaser it is your responsibility to understand what can and cannot enter your state or territory - the links below will help you understand why.



Please note if you are in South Australia and plan to purchase bees wax from QLD / NSW / ACT or VIC you must comply with SA regulations to protect our beekeeping industry - please visit the PIRSA website above. This includes small volume purchases made via the internet as well as bulk bees wax.

Bees wax entering SA from eastern mainland Australia and is prohibited unless:

  • free from small hive beetle
  • written permission from the Chief Inspector of Stock is given
  • a valid Health Certificate is issued by the relevant Department of Primary Industries. A copy of the Health Certificate must be forwarded to Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) Biosecurity before entry
  • Copies of both the written permission and the health certificate accompany the consignment.

Please refer to the  PIRSA website via the link above  RE:- Specific Regulation and Legislated Sanctuary Status for KANGAROO ISLAND




  • LGB Bulk Raw blocks sold per kg
  • clarified 500g bucket
  • clarified wax finger bucket
  • single 3D hexagon with bee
  • single wax finger
  • single wax star



Reusable beeswax food wraps made with our beeswax  available at Wirrabara Producers Market 

  • bees wax jumbo wrap - 35X50cm
  • beeswax wrap triples 1X35 plus 2X25


CANDLES~ "Raw N Rustic"

  • floating star candle
  • pear candle
  • tall pillar candle
  • emergency taper candle
  • broad pillar candle
  • free form candle
  • candle in a tea cup
  • de'art~upcycle  candles

NB :-  our candles are made with beeswax and cotton wicks - no composite wax , oils or fragrances.


Croissant D'Or Bakery ~  Number 4 Bristol Court - LONSDALE  7am - Midday weekdays. 

Laura Information Centre ~  Herbert St - LAURA  - daily 10am - 4pm 7days. ( This service is staffed by community volunteers)

Gilbert Beekeeping / Laura Gardens Bees ~ Delivery or Post  - by appointment

Wirrabara Producers Market ~ 3rd Sunday monthly 08:30 - Midday


For commercial grade wax and quantities please contact us for pricing and availability - MSDS available

Phone Lorraine 0417824739

Wax pears - Candles made from pure bees wax 

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