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THE 3 R'S: 




The selling of honey in South Australia is quite a separate issue to that of needing to be a registered beekeeper to keep bees. 

The sale of food to the public in this state must comply with food safety legislation as well as national weights and measures and food labeling laws.

No person or business is permitted to sell honey direct to the public unless they are a registered food business. This includes via the internet, shops, markets or private sale.

The law for “primary producers” is a different scenario, however they must in addition to primary producer requirements register as a food business if selling direct to the public. 

Honey is a “prescribed food” and as such the law is very clear as to what constitutes HONEY – please refer to  the standards below                        

Australia and New Zealand  standard 2.8.2                                                                                                    

European Union                                                                                       

Codex Alimentarius - International food safety standards published by the UN's World Health Organisation.  CODEX STAN 12-19811 (PDF)


HONEY International trade codes 

HS 0409.00 ( harmonized classification)

SITC 061.6 ( standard international trade classification)                                                                                               

BEES WAX   International trade codes 

HS 1521.90 ( harmonized classification)

SITC 431.64 ( standard international trade classification)


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Registered Food Business 

Food safety is the jurisdiction of local government. If selling any food items direct to the public you must register as a food business via your local council.

This applies to small kitchen enterprises the same as large food premises.

If you are registered as a food business in a council area and you intend to sell at a market / stall in another council area you must notify that council also of your intentions. 

Your local council environment health officer can assist you with meeting the requirements for selling food direct to the public.

Directory of local councils (link)

SA Government Food Business Notification site (link)


Your local City or District Council (click on the relevant council and contact the environmental health officer)

Australian and New Zealand Food Standards 

National Weights and Measures                     

SA Government – SA Health Food Safety 


There are multiple packaging companies in SA that retail food grade tamper evident containers. Be mindful that honey will etch metal and your containers need to be ‘food grade’

Honey is sold by weight not by volume in Australia

1ml = 1.433 g     1000ml = 1.43 kg

Online food weight/volume converter (link)

It is envisaged that food labeling requirements may change in the future – please ensure you remain up to date with these changes.