The "Rangelands Of The Northern Beekeepers" is an ongoing history project that is documenting historical references and stories of the past and present beekeepers in the Northern Region of South Australia.

The project is multi faceted and includes validation of recorded information , collating memories, information and items of interest from friends and families of recreational, part time and commercial beekeepers that not only resided in the North but those whom have  migrated / do migrate their bees to the area.


 'Rangelands Of The Northern Beekeepers' exhibition was held  May 6th & 13th= midday to 3pm  ~ Laura Archives Building - Hughes St - LAURA - SA - 5480. with a 2 day prelude during  the Laura Folk Fair in 2018 as well as a presentation at the Northern Areas History Group gathering 

The exhibition offered the public an opportunity to add information and data to the project as well as gaining further insight into our beekeeping history, including, beekeeping at Woomera, The Golden North Honey Factory at the old Flax mill site south of Laura , Transport of Honey & Hives - road/rail /boat, beekeeping equipment, tools of trade, The market gardens of the region from the 1870's, Floral sources of the Northern Beekeepers including  private and public land melliferous forage resources. Crop pollination, the role of honeybees in food security from the 1870's til now and into the future.

The exhibition also enabled beekeepers to discuss the April 19th SA Beekeeping regulation updates.

Thank-you to those whom have already shared some of their stories and memories and we look forward to documenting many more conversations.

Further information about the ongoing project " Rangelands Of The Northern Beekeepers please contact :- Lorraine Gilbert  - mobile 0417824739