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" Adelaide Beekeeping Supplies "  0438367591  

 286 Military Road  ~ Semaphore  Park ~ SA (between Dunstone & Fifth Avenues) 

Product freighted to Metro and Rural & Remote locations Australia Wide year round.

Owned by experienced South Australian Beekeepers whom have a passion for ensuring you receive what you need regardless of where you are in Australia with a commitment to equity, access and encouraging continuous quality improvement within your enterprise by promoting relevant industry based research and information.

ABS has extensive network links in commercial and recreational beekeeping sectors in addition to access to International and Australian beekeeping equipment manufacturers.



Beekeeping has a language all of its own. It is important to consider that the microclimates and practices in Australia and more specifically South Australia are not internationally generic and access to international forums / websites/ and documents may give rise to confused terminology especially with equipment sizes.

When ordering equipment it is important to be familiar with terminology and standard equipment measurements regardless of where you make your purchases as there are many variations.

Keeping your equipment standard and well maintained will ensure you have a saleable commodity should you wish to sell your investment at anytime.

South Australia – Hiveware  STANDARD

  • 10 frame (width) 405mm X 510mm

  • Standard Fulldepth 247mm

  • Standard Manley (depth) 170mm

Other  international & AU interstate sized equipment sizes include  (8fr or 12fr – jumbo, US  deep, ideal, wsp, three quarter , half depth , NZ manley) 

Special Note :-  the term "Deep" is not an Australian  standard  not interchangeable with the term "FULL DEPTH" in Australia it is actually a different USA size. 

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