Disclaimer :- The education sections on our website are designed to assist you on your personal beekeeping journey, however the 4 basic R's apply . If you are unsure about any aspects of beekeeping please check with your local state/territory apiary department to clarify your personal situation or concern.

Rights ~ You have the right to know if paying for a service exactly how that service compares to the National Standard  so that you can make an informed choice before you purchase that information/education / equipment etc.

Responsibilities ~ There are areas that you need to consider before getting into bees as they are livestock. 

Regulation ~ Honeybees are considered livestock in Australia and are regulated by state / territory departments of agriculture and as such regardless of keeping one hive or multiple , you must have an understanding of what is legally required of you if keeping bees in your individual state/territory. Regulation also applies to the sale or giving away of honey. Food safety is the jurisdiction of local government / council - All persons selling food direct to the public must register with their local council this includes at markets /road side stalls/  farm gates and online. 

Resources  ~ The information listed in these pages as well as on our beekeeping links are general in nature, however the responsibility for your beekeeping practice always remains with you the beekeeper.

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