Honey / Wax  Retail -:  

Croissant D'Or Bakery  number 4 Bristol Court - LONSDALE - SA  7am - Midday weekdays. 

Laura Information Centre  Herbert St - LAURA - SA - daily 10am - 4pm 7days.- ( This community service is staffed by volunteers) 

Wirrabara Producers Market ( 3rd Sunday monthly 08:30 til Midday )

WIRRABARA PRODUCERS MARKET                                                         

South Australian Honey / South Australian Bees Wax

Raw Honey ~  Bees Wax ~ Candles ~   " Wrappa" Reusable Food Wraps  

 2019 Market ~ we are on leave from market over winter returning in spring                       

~ September 15th

~ October 20th

~ November 17th

~ December 15th


Honey  Wholesale -:

Our highly sought after bulk honey is available to SA customers .  

Formats include 10 kg buckets / 20kg buckets / 298 kg drums / IBC. 

We choose to keep each extraction separate .

Our honey is not blended or heat treated - and as such will naturally candy.  

Honey varietal availability is dependent on seasonal flowering cycles and associated varietal yields. 

Product priority is given to our valued long term existing South Australian Customers.

Please note our  honey is reserved  for  SA customers only  and unfortunately not currently available for interstate or international supply. 

Thank - you

Contact - Lorraine - 0417824739


We often get asked why the Honey label "Laura Gardens" !!!! .                            

 It is in reference to the first beekeepers on the old Booyoolie Pastoral Run in the Southern Flinders region of SA. When the Booyoolie pastoral run land was divided up into  sections  for settlement in the newly proclaimed hundred of Booyoolie ,  many of the landholders ( aka "Blockers")  from 1871 onwards were either mixed farmers/ gardeners or market gardeners. The Laura Region became  a significant fruit and vegetable growing area of SA along the Rocky River Valley and of course European Honey Bees became vital for pollination and the setting of viable seed and nut production. 




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