This page is a mix of all sorts of information that will help you along your beekeeping  journey - to make it easier to navigate we will loosely group resources into topics and put a ref number so you can find the link easily if you want to revisit it. You will find some topics duplicated in sections of relevance. Whilst this section is a quick link for the young commercial beekeepers we support in South Australia you may find some elements useful irrespective of the size of your beekeeping operation & regardless of which part of the world you call home .

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Demonstrated competency in the 12 core units of AHC32016  is the basic minimum standard for a person to be work ready as a beekeeper in Australia .         The core units provide a bench mark for beekeeping education and also assist beekeepers to identify their beekeeping skills and knowledge deficits.                          The core units along with additional elective units provide the framework of skill and study that when demonstrated and assessed competent by an (RTO registered training organization assessor ) result in the awarding of certificate 111 in Beekeeping. 

For further in depth information on Australian Beekeeping Education Standards  please visit the education pages via  the  menu bar at the top of this page.

  • #02 - BEECRAFT ~ The Craft Of The Beekeeper

The Australian Beekeeping Guide or to purchase a hard copy click here

Pest and diseases videos TOCAL 

13 AgriFutures Australia Videos click here


National Best Management Practice for Beekeeping in the Australian Environment  

Biosecurity Manual for Beekeepers   

Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice  

BOLT - Biosecurity online training

BQual -  Australian Beekeeping Industry Owned Quality Assurance System

BQual - Further information 2018

CFS - Country Fire Service SA - codes and draft codes of practice 

  • #04 - BOOKS

Healthy Bees Ag Guide

Bee Ag Skills

Bees Queen Breeding

Bees Pollination using Honey Bees - Tocal

Honey Harvesting & Extracting Guide

Eucalypts Of South Australia - Dean Nicolle

The Bee Book - Beekeeping in Australia - P; Goebel, R. Warhurst

Australian Beekeeping Guide - free download pdf or to purchase hard copy click here

  • #05 - CHILDREN

Free View Book - Australian Honey

Bees - A honey of an idea - Canadian interactive site

ABC TV " Behind the news " Video 

  • #06 - EQUIPMENT

Adelaide Beekeeping Supplies - delivery to metro & rural and remote Australia wide

  • #07 - FEEDING

Fat Bees Skinny Bees - pdf

  • #08 - FLORA

Free download BEE FRIENDLY plants by Mark Leech

Eucalypts Of South Australia - Dean Nicolle

Atlas of Living Australia 

Flowering Ecology of Honey-Producing Flora in South-East Australia 

Enviro data SA ( data sets )

Electronic Flora of South Australia

Australian National Botanic Gardens Resources 

Australian BioActive Leptospermum

  • #09 - HISTORY

History of Beekeeping in Australia - video

Beekeeping on the Move - Australia - video

Australia's First Beekeepers Group - CLARE SA 1884 - newspaper article

Rangelands of the Northern Beekeepers - SA - newspaper article 

  • #10 - HONEY

Free View Book - Australian Honey

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 2.8.2 – Honey    


AgriFutures Australia - value of pollination and crop specific pollination fact sheets

Bees Pollination using Honey Bees - Tocal  book


Queen Rearing Calendar - auto calculating timetable for recreational/commercial use

Bees Queen Breeding

  • #13 - REGULATION

South Australian legislation & regulation  April 2018 - ensure you open each section of the page and read the pdf files

Codex International Honey Standard 

  • #14 - WEBSITES


ABK - Australasian Beekeeper Magazine 

AgriFutures Australia - research publications 

Australian Honeybee Industry Council

CIBER - Western Australia now based in USA California CA link


SAAA - South Australian Apiarists Association - website to be updated shortly

  • #15 - XTRAS

Nut Milk Humor

ABC Rural  - Apiarists talk about creating a better industry from honey to the bee

Today Tonight Adelaide  Television - Bee Parasite - video

ABC TV - Behind The News - video

ScienceOnline link Life Cycle of the honeybee - video

3rd Australian Bee Congress 2018 - presentation papers online click here

South Australia Snake Bite and Spider bite management protocol - sa health   St Johns Snakebite fact sheet

Our most common snake bite in SA is the Brown Snake and the bite is painless but as a beekeeper it is vital that you know the specific emergency first aid management for a snake bite regardless if your hives are located metro or rural. All SA beekeepers need a snake bite protocol.

SNAKEBITE FIRST AID - Pressure Immobilisation Bandage & Splint (PIB): Maintain airway/breathing if impaired. Immediately apply a broad compressive bandage to the bite site at same pressure as for a sprain. Extend the bandage to cover the whole of the bitten limb including fingers/toes. Splint limb. Keep patient still; bring transport to patient. DO NOT give alcohol, food, stimulants, or cut the wound, or use a tourniquet. DO NOT WASH OR CLEAN THE WOUND. Leave PIB in place until patient arrives at a place of definitive care (hospital with appropriate antivenom etc).  Draw on the outside of the bandage where the bite site is as well as the time of the bite.