Skills Impact is facilitating the review of the certificate 111 in Beekeeping ( V- 2016) - Currently the project is in the 4 week consultation phase - ( Nov 9th -  Dec 10th) 2017.  If your organisation wishes to be part of the review you are able to do so via  the face to face state consults or with an online submission. Prior to submitting comments please ensure you have a good understanding of the  Australian Qualifications frame work , current National Beekeeping Competencies and the scope of the training package . This qualification pertains to the national beekeeping education standards.

The core units of certificate 111 in beekeeping are the set of minimum standards by which all beekeeping educators (including recreational) should be able to demonstrate competency prior to charging a fee for service.

If any South Australian based organisations or individuals which to discuss the training package further you are welcome to give me a call anytime. 

Regards Lorraine Gilbert - 0417824739 



" Adelaide Beekeeping Supplies "   0438367591    

 286 Military Road  ~ Semaphore  Park ~ SA (between Dunstone & Fifth Avenues)



Honey ~  Bees Wax ~ Candles ~  Beeswax " Wrappa" Wraps

Due to community request we are back at the Wirrabara Producers Market on the 3rd Sunday of the month 08:30 ~  Midday

2017 = November 19th  ~ December 17th  

2018 = January 21st ~ February 18th ~ March18th  ~ April 1st Easter Sunday ~ April 15th ~ May 20th

On leave June & July  ~ August 19th ~ September 16th ~ October 21st ~ November 18th ~ December 16th 

LAURA FOLK FAIR ~ 2018 ~ APRIL 7 & 8

 Curated Beekeeping Exhibition ~ "The Rangelands Of The Northern Beekeepers" 

You will find us in the Laura Archives Building along with a curated historical beekeeping exhibition " The Rangelands Of The Northern Beekeepers " sponsored by Adelaide Beekeeping Supplies and Laura Gardens Bees. The curated exhibition open during MAY 2018 jointly celebrates South Australian History Month & National Honey Month with  a prelude opening for the 2 days of  Laura Folk Fair . The exhibition follows the history of beekeeping in the region from the 1800's through to today including photographs,  Golden North Honey packing facility in the old flax mill, oral histories and selected historical exhibits. Live bee observation hive will be visiting the exhibition on the schools visit day in MAY only.

Honey,  Bees Wax, Candles, Wax Wraps  from Laura Gardens Bees / Hoskin Honey / Biles Apiculture will be available from the archives building April 7 & 8 




27TH - 30TH JUNE 2018 - Queensland Australia



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Hi - The education section of our website is currently being updated to reflect the new codes and standards for Australia/ South Australia - new content will be online shortly - Thanks  
Lorraine & Marty


Martin & Lorraine Gilbert operate "Gilbert Beekeeping " and " Laura Gardens Bees "  South Australia.

As migratory beekeepers we travel SA with our bees providing pollination services and allow our bees to forage on nectar sources to produce premium SA honey. 

The  facets of our commercial business include:-
    •      Commercial Pollination - SA wide
    •      Bulk Honey - domestic & commercial
    •      Bees Wax - domestic & commercial

Honey & Bees Wax -  contact Lorraine  0417824739 . 

We support beekeeping in South Australia through:-

  • Promotion of S.A. regulations and requirements for beekeeping and Australian  National Standards for beekeeping and food production.
  • Mentoring of young beekeepers entering the industry.

  • Advocating  effective biosecurity practices

  • Encouraging innovative beekeeping practices, management and skills.

  • Production of South Australian artisan honey

  • Community advocacy and the right for persons paying for beekeeping education/ mentoring  in SA to be assured the educator is able to demonstrate a level of competency equivalent to the national minimum education standard of AHC32016 - 12 core units. ref education section

Our Vision is to assist in achieving the highest standard of beekeeping practice in South Australia.