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Located at Semaphore Park Adelaide ~ ABS have a proven track record supplying both the Commercial & Recreational Beekeeping sectors Australia wide with an extensive beekeeping industry network & beekeeping equipment backed up with knowledge & experience.

Delivery all year round. Servicing Australia wide including metro, rural & remote areas via Adelaide Beekeeping Supplies online super store

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~ Spring 2019 starter equipment & bees “combination bundle specials” available for SA based customers ~

( Spring “Combination Bundles” are limited in number so advise customers to express interest via the ABS contact form & “Reserve Now” )

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17485A ~ Horrocks Highway ~ North Laura ~ SA ~ 5480 by appointment only - mobile 0417824739

Our Vision is to assist in achieving the highest standard of beekeeping practice in South Australia.

2019 - Welcome :- We hope you find the multiple pages and sections on our website helpful or at least thought provoking and expand your knowledge and perspective on keeping European Honeybees in an Australian environment.  Australian Beekeeping Industry Standards exist to not only encourage you in your beekeeping practice but to also protect European Honeybees as a resource vital for pollination and subsequently our food security into the future. We invite you to scroll through each page on the site via the access menu bar at the top of the page to view detailed content on multiple beekeeping topics and issues relevant to all beekeeping sectors recreational, part time and commercial.  

Regardless of which ever part of the world you call home we wish you well on your beekeeping journey. -  Regards Marty & Lorraine

About :- Who we are and what we do.

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ~ Honey / Beeswax / Commercial Pollination Services/ Commercial Beekeeping Mentoring

Martin & Lorraine Gilbert operate "Gilbert Beekeeping" and "Laura Gardens Bees"  South Australia.  

Martin began his bee journey as a 13 year old at Urrbrae Agricultural College and later started his commercial beekeeping operation in 1972.. Martin has been an advocate for both recreational and commercial beekeeping best practice in South Australia since the 70’s and in addition to representing South Australian beekeepers at both state and federal level he was involved with the hosting of the international apimondia in Adelaide in 1977.                                                                                          

As migratory beekeepers we travel SA with our bees providing pollination services and allow our bees to forage on nectar sources to produce premium SA honey. 

  • The  facets of our commercial business include:-
        •      Commercial Pollination - SA wide including - Commercial Hive Brokerage and Hive Management on behalf of clients
        •      Bulk Honey - domestic & commercial
        •      Bees Wax - domestic & commercial                          

Honey & Bees Wax -  contact Lorraine  0417824739 . 

We support beekeeping in South Australia through:-

  • Promotion of S.A. regulations and requirements for beekeeping and Australian National Standards for beekeeping and food production.

  • Advocating  effective biosecurity practices

  • Encouraging innovative beekeeping practices, management and skills.

  • Production of South Australian Artisan honey

  • Community advocacy and the right for persons paying for beekeeping education/ mentoring  in SA to be assured the educator is able to demonstrate a level of competency equivalent to the national minimum education standard of AHC32016 - 12 core units. ref education section

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Our Vision is to assist in achieving the highest standard of beekeeping practice in South Australia.