Welcome to the  Laura Gardens Bees  website. We invite you to visit the 4 education sections here on our website to further your knowledge and  strongly advocate  continuous  quality practice improvement for individual beekeepers including commercial, part time and recreational sectors .  


Gilbert Beekeeping ~ Laura Gardens Bees - Honey & Beeswax

Martin and Lorraine Gilbert operate "Gilbert Beekeeping " and " Laura Gardens Bees "  South Australia.

As migratory beekeepers we travel SA with our bees providing pollination services and allow our bees to forage on nectar sources to produce premium SA honey. 

The  facets of our commercial business include:-
    •      Commercial Pollination - SA wide
    •      Bulk Honey - domestic & commercial
    •      Bees Wax - domestic & commercial

Honey & Bees Wax - please contact Lorraine to discuss your needs 0417824739 all year round. 

We support beekeeping in South Australia through;

  • Education & mentoring of young beekeepers entering the industry.

  • Promotion of S.A. regulations and requirements for beekeeping

  • Adelaide Beekeeping Supplies - access to relevant affordable equipment with experienced South Australian Beekeeping Industry support. 0438367591

  • Production of South Australian artisan honey

  • Advocating  effective biosecurity practice

  • Encouraging innovative beekeeping practices, management and skills.



Our Vision is to assist in achieving the highest standard of beekeeping practice in South Australia.